DexNet  4.8.2
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com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Attribute Class Reference

Attribute data class. More...

Public Member Functions

com.sparsity.dex.gdb.AttributeKind GetKind ()
 Gets the attribute kind. More...
long GetCount ()
 Gets the number of non-NULL values. More...
bool IsSessionAttribute ()
 Check if it's a session attribute or a persistent one. More...
long GetSize ()
 Gets the number of different values. More...
int GetTypeId ()
 Gets the Dex type identifier. More...
com.sparsity.dex.gdb.DataType GetDataType ()
 Gets the data type. More...
int GetId ()
 Gets the Dex attribute identifier. More...
System.String GetName ()
 Gets the unique attribute name. More...

Static Public Attributes

static int InvalidAttribute
 Invalid attribute identifier constant.

Detailed Description

Attribute data class.

It contains information about an attribute.

Sparsity Technologies

Member Function Documentation

long com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Attribute.GetCount ( )

Gets the number of non-NULL values.

The number of non-NULL values.
com.sparsity.dex.gdb.DataType com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Attribute.GetDataType ( )

Gets the data type.

The DataType.
int com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Attribute.GetId ( )

Gets the Dex attribute identifier.

The Dex attribute identifier.
com.sparsity.dex.gdb.AttributeKind com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Attribute.GetKind ( )

Gets the attribute kind.

The AttributeKind.
System.String com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Attribute.GetName ( )

Gets the unique attribute name.

The unique attribute name.
long com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Attribute.GetSize ( )

Gets the number of different values.

The number of different values.
int com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Attribute.GetTypeId ( )

Gets the Dex type identifier.

The Dex type identifier.
bool com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Attribute.IsSessionAttribute ( )

Check if it's a session attribute or a persistent one.

True if it's a session attribute, or false otherwise.