DexNet  4.8.2
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NodeTypeExporter class. More...

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Public Member Functions

void SetRowWriter ( rw)
 Sets the output data destination. More...
void Register ( tel)
 Registers a new listener. More...
void Run () throws System.IO.IOException, System.ApplicationException
 See TypeExporter::Run. More...
void SetHeader (bool header)
 Sets the presence of a header row. More...
void SetFrequency (int freq)
 Sets the frequency of listener notification. More...
void SetAttributes (com.sparsity.dex.gdb.AttributeList attrs)
 Sets the list of Attributes. More...
void SetGraph (com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Graph g)
 Sets the graph that will be exported. More...
 NodeTypeExporter ( rw, com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Graph g, int t, com.sparsity.dex.gdb.AttributeList attrs)
 Creates a new instance. More...
void SetType (int t)
 Sets the type to be exported. More...
 NodeTypeExporter ()
 Creates a new instance.

Detailed Description

NodeTypeExporter class.

Specific TypeExporter implementation for node types.

Check out the 'Data export' section in the DEX User Manual for more details on this.

Sparsity Technologies

Constructor & Destructor Documentation (  rw,
com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Graph  g,
int  t,
com.sparsity.dex.gdb.AttributeList  attrs 

Creates a new instance.

rw[in] Output RowWriter.
g[in] Graph.
t[in] Type identifier.
attrs[in] Attribute identifiers to be exported.

Member Function Documentation

void (  tel)

Registers a new listener.

tel[in] TypeExporterListener to be registered.
void ( ) throws System.IO.IOException, System.ApplicationException

See TypeExporter::Run.

void ( com.sparsity.dex.gdb.AttributeList  attrs)

Sets the list of Attributes.

attrs[in] Attribute identifiers to be exported
void ( int  freq)

Sets the frequency of listener notification.

freq [in] Frequency in number of rows managed to notify progress to all listeners

void ( com.sparsity.dex.gdb.Graph  g)

Sets the graph that will be exported.

g[in] Graph.
void ( bool  header)

Sets the presence of a header row.

header[in] If TRUE, a header row is dumped with the name of the attributes.
void (  rw)

Sets the output data destination.

rr[in] Input RowWriter.

void ( int  t)

Sets the type to be exported.

t[in] Type identifier.