Bringing BI to SMEs of the fashion industry

Sparsity took part of the SOMATCH EU project under the Horizon 2020 programme. The main objective of the project was the improvement of the competitiveness of European SMEs dedicated to fashion design and Textile & Clothing (T&C) sectors by providing an IT solution that handed over to creative designers detailed and reliable fashion trends estimations and forecasts of […]

Understanding Graph Structure of Wikipedia for Query Expansion

Knowledge bases are very good sources for knowledge extraction, the ability to create knowledge from structured and unstructured sources and use it to improve automatic processes as query expansion. Wikipedia, in particular, could be analyzed to see how articles and categories relate to each other and how these relationships can support a query expansion technique. […]

Spot the differences: Google Maps vs Route Optimization

Most of the time when we are at a conference or congress, people come to our stand asking ‘So what’s the difference between what you do and Google Maps or Waze?’ … and to be honest, the answer is quite simple. These are navigation tools and they are amazing at giving you turn-by-turn directions, but… What happens […]