Download examples

Here you can download the HelloSparksee sources including all the examples which have been explained in this starting guide.

If you have followed all the steps up to this point you should have created a graph database which looks exactly like Figure 7.

Figure 7: HelloSparksee complete graph
Figure 7: HelloSparksee complete graph

You can also directly download HelloSparksee sources which, once you run them, will construct the same graph.

HelloSparksee first creates a Sparksee graph database (see Chapter 3-section 2), then creates the schema (see Chapter3-section 4), adds data creating nodes and edges and their attributes (see Chapter3-section 5) and finally queries this data (see Chapter3-section 6).

Queries included in the example retrieve neighbors from some nodes. For instance all the movies directed by Woody Allen, which will be the neighbors of Woody Allen through the DIRECTS edge. Or other more complex examples include retrieving all the people who acted both in movies directed by Woody Allen and in movies directed by Sofia Coppola.

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