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This is the complete User Manual for Sparksee graph database which covers all the technical details relating to Sparksee, so it should be the go-to document for any doubts regarding this graph database. It has been divided into the following chapters & sections:

This document is addressed to architects and developers.

The Sparksee manual is not intended to be followed as a tutorial document: examples are solely created to help understand the concepts explained. Every chapter may be consulted independently of the others, so the reader may hop directly to the chapter and section of interest.

Check other support documents for different approaches to learning how to use Sparksee graph database.


Please consider the following notation convention assumed for this document:


Sparksee is distributed under a proprietary license considering the following variables:

Sparsity Technologies offers the following license agreements for Sparksee:


Sparksee technical support is offered online through the website in the documentation and support sections.

Documentation section

All the written information about Sparksee is available in this section. A developer will find the following relevant documents:

In addition Sparksee documentation includes a brochure, presentations, tutorials and webinars, which are addressed to other stakeholders, such as CTOs and decision makers.

Support section

Our contact information can be found in the Developers page of the Sparsity Technologies web site.

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